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Jerry Rus Consulting (JRC) is a business - management
consulting practice. Founded in 1998 in Johannesburg,
South Africa by Dr Jerry Rus (PhD Business Administration)
Dr Jerry Rus has over 30 years industrial
experience, provides business and management services
with focus on improving business health through
Performance Management, Business Turnaround and
New Product Development
Performance Management
Management Consulting
Performance Management Do It Yourself
When investing our money, we look for Maximum Return at Minimum Risk.  
The same thinking should apply to business we own, manage and work for.
How do we know that our company delivers the Best Returns ?
Many, many businesses do not have confidence in that.
Most businesses suffer unintended consequences resulting from merges, acquisitions,
reconstructions, resizing, …, weak business model, weak position in the market
and high employee turnover. Those often result that we do not know or we are not
sure whether our company, our business delivers to us the best returns.
This is where Performance Management project helps, and it pays for itself.
Benefits by far exceed the project cost. Business owners and managers
can Do It Themselves. It involves implementing realistic and accurate diagnostic
methodology, making informed decisions and following good practices.
Jerry Rus Consulting provides a comprehensive guide for business owners and
managers.Performance Management Do It Yourself.
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